Tent Meeting

The tent is used to take the Gospel right to where men, women, and children live.  Just like God came and pitched his tent among men in his son Jesus Christ (John 1:14), Christ has now sent us into the world (John 20:21, 17:18).  The tent is neutral ground to the community, it tears down some barriers that people might have, hang-ups that would keep them from coming to our churches.  It’s a wonderful tool to enter into the realm of the unregenerate to proclaim Christ.  We realize that once they are saved, church is no longer a problem, it’s just that the devil is such a deceiver.  We are told to go get them, redeem the time, compel them to come, warn the wicked (we are not told to hide out in our church and misery three times a week).  It’s time that we break out and get on the line of scrimmage, church!